What medication to take to trip

Travel to the Maldives needs to be thought in advance. You won’t be able to find the drugstores or hospitals within walking distance being in the island in the middle of the ocean. There may be a doctor in the island resort, but it costs you $25-50 to visit him. Moreover, you’re still gonna have to pay for the medication the doctor prescribes. Not all medications can be bought in the Maldives. On some islands, the doctor may not be present, and in case of an urgent need, you will have to go to him to the nearest village island or to Male. If you’re going to fly to the Maldives with your children, you’ll probably need a first-aid kit. To avoid unnecessary spending, you can decide in advance what medications you need to take with you to a tropical island. Let’s try to describe the most common health problems that tourists may have when relaxing in hot countries.

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What medication to take to trip


It must seem a bit strange, but children or you may catch a cold in the Maldives. Leaving the cold country for the sunny and warm summer of the Maldives, the body can behave very strangely. In addition, during the first days of rest, you can burn in the sun and get a rise in body temperature (fever). Your first-aid kit must contain antipyretics for adults and children.


The pain could come to us at any time. It can be headache, abdominal pain or toothache. You need to have the means to deal with this pain. But there is a downside to self-treatment. With pain, the body signals its problems to us. And we need to be clear about when we need to take the pill and when we need to stop saving money and see a doctor. The doctor on the island will be English-speaking. If you have problems with spoken English, bring a translator (it may be on the phone).


Gastrointestinal problems

Diseases in this group can express themselves in the following symptoms:

  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea (dangerous for dehydration)
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting (or nausea)
  • Abdominal pain

Take medication in your first-aid kit that can handle all of these symptoms. At the moment, there are many effective treatments for dysbacteriosis.
You may also encounter a rota virus infection on the road. You should be prepared to respond to this threat as well.


The most prominent representative of this group is activated carbon. These substances are capable of removing harmful gases, liquids and even microorganisms from the body. Their surface layer absorbs them and then naturally comes out of the patient’s body. If you need to quickly carry out detoxification (neutralization of toxic substances) of the mucous membrane of your stomach and restore the micro flora, be sure to take medicines from this group with you.

Ear drops

The Maldives has very warm water. Your children will swim, dive and bathe all day. You may want to snorkel yourself (swim with a snorkel and mask). All these types of recreation, assume a long contact with the rest of the water. Water can get in your ears and start an unpleasant inflammatory process (otitis). Earache is one of the most painful pains, they are very difficult to tolerate. Prepare for this situation in advance and take ear drops for adults and children.

Ear drops


The likelihood of injury in the Maldives is quite high. This has nothing to do with wildlife. In most cases, tourists walk around the hotels barefoot. You can stumble over the roots of a tree. You can get a cut from the corals (they are very hard). Children forget about safety and run around the island from morning till evening. At this point, you will need the means to treat the wound. As a rule, the simplest antiseptics are green antiseptic or iodine. Necessarily to take the bactericidal patches with you. It is very good if most patches are waterproof.

Sunburn remedies

Every day in the morning, you have to treat the skin with sunscreen. And in the first days of rest, it is better to use creams with SPF50 protection. If you have neglected the cream or forgotten to renew the protection (you have been on the beach all day, and smeared once), you can get the strongest sunburn. Don’t be fooled by the cloud, even if the sky is in the clouds, you’re still at risk and can get a large dose of ultraviolet radiation. Burns will last for a few days. To get back to a full rest quickly, take sunburn medication with you.

Antiallergenic drugs

If this is the first time you’ve flown to the tropical zone, you need to know that everything around you is both beautiful and toxic. You don’t need to smell the smell of strange flowers. Together with a pleasant smell, you can get an allergic reaction or a mucous burn. The food you will be fed may not be suitable for your body. To avoid allergies, be sure to take antihistamines (antiallergic) with you. Make sure they are suitable for adults and children.

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What medication to take to trip

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