Photosession in the Maldives

A photosession in the Maldives will help you to keep the memory of positive emotions for many years to come. In addition, it is another cost item in the vacationers’ budget, which is often saved. And it is possible to understand because rest in this paradise place is expensive event in the financial plan. At the same time, a very important moment for the family (or a couple of holidaymakers) is overlooked. This vacation, this sea and the sun will never happen again. And a photosession by the sea can consolidate these moments of happiness. But in order for the pictures to turn out, someone will have to become a photographer, and he will not be in the photos. You can’t take a lot of photos using a timer and you’ll have to carry a tripod with you. And if you have children with you, they will not be able to stay in the same place for long. All these problems are solved by a professional photographer.

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Photosession in the Maldives

Why do you need a photo shoot in the Maldives?

Photographers know one very important truth. It’s the sun, these clouds, this breeze stirring the leaves and even we humans, changing all the time. Photographers know one very important truth. It’s the sun, these clouds, this breeze stirring the leaves and even we humans, changing all the time. No one can step twice into the same river. And the moment that get in the shot will never happen again.  You can come to the same place over and over again, but each time the details, the lighting, the emotions in the photos will turn out different. Why do we need a photo shoot? Let’s try to figure it out.  In doing so, we have to take into account that there are a lot of people in this world and everyone can have their own reason. It is impossible to describe them all in this article.

  • Family photo archive. That’s certainly one of the main reasons to take pictures for couples with children. After a while, perhaps years, you can get the photos taken by the sea and remember how beautiful it was, remember the moments when you were happy. That everyone was young, beautiful and tanned. Warm emotions can trigger a moment of vacation that was successfully captured by the photographer in the picture. If you have come to rest with young children, the photo will preserve their childhood for the family history. Later on in the family holiday, looking at the pictures of the child you will always be able to tell him «how small you were and how big you are»;A child collects seashells on the coast of the Maldives island
  • Picture as a keepsake. If you fly to the Maldives alone or as a couple, you can afford to travel a little in this country. Go on excursions or just visit several islands. And of course, you will want to have pictures of all the interesting places you have visited. At the same time, one person in a couple will have to take a camera and shoot the soul mate. To take a photo together, you will have to ask for help from a local person or other tourists;
  • Album of pictures. You can create a special album from the obtained photos. It will allow you to combine many scattered pictures into one beautifully designed memory book. Nowadays this service is provided by a lot of companies connected with photography. And you can create an album yourself, that is online on the company’s website. And the delivery service will bring you it ready, after payment. You can order the service of creating an album from a photographer. He will discuss with you which photos should be included in it and make an album to your liking;
  • Picture in social networks. With the help of social networks we can share events from our lives with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Pictures in your personal profile can say a lot about you, reveal your identity. You can share about your hobby and find like-minded people;
  • Job hunting. When looking for a job, HR can view the pages of job seekers on social networking sites. They collect information on potential employees. There are jobs where the number of friends and correctly selected photos can tell the employer about the positive qualities of the employee. About his communication skills, creative thinking, ability to dispose of people. And if the external data of the applicant is important for the work, beautiful photos will be a big plus when choosing an employee;
  • Finding the soul mate. Very often people do not have any quality photos in their albums. All the pictures were taken by non-professionals, in not very suitable places and in poor lighting. Very nice photos posted on a dating site or social networking site can increase your chances of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend. If this reason is important to you, remember that looks can play a big part in the beginning of a dating experience;
  • To feel like a model. A photo shoot allows a girl or a man to feel like a model. To capture some image, in a chic evening dress or stylish costume. You can get a lot of compliments from a stylist, photographer while taking pictures.Handsome man in suit in Maldives

Psychologists say that many people feel uncomfortable when conducting photo shoots, it is associated with too critical attitude to their appearance. These people need to choose a photographer very careful, work with him must be pleasant and you must understand each other.

Preparing a for photo shoot

When preparing for a photo shoot, you can think about the image to be captured. Pick up the details for the photo shoot. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what will be in your photos yet, you can look for inspiration online. To do this, just type the phrase “ideas for the photo shoot” in the search engine and select the section of the picture.
Keep in mind that when planning a photo shoot, there are no unimportant factors. Let’s try to list the details that affect the photo shoot:

  • Choose a location to shoot;
  • Clothes for the photo shoot;
  • Hairstyle for photos;
  • Makeup for the look;
  • State of the nails;
  • Accessories for shooting;
  • Poses for the photo shoot.

Photosession in the Maldives

Many islands provide tourists with the service «Photosession in the Maldives». Prices for such an event can vary from $250 to $2,500. Prices and specification of a photosession options will vary from island to island. Let’s try to define the main parameters that will influence the formation of photo shoot options.

It’s important for the photo shoot:

  • A place for the photo shoot. Each hotel has pre-selected several locations that are the most suitable for getting the most beautiful pictures. Some locations on the island are advantageous to take photos at certain times, for example, the blue color of the water turns turquoise at certain hours in the morning;
  • It’s time for the photo shoot. Photographers on the island know the exact time of day when to take pictures. Usually it’s morning or evening. Because during the day the sun shines too brightly. Which means the light will be hard and the shadows will be very contrasting. And a model gets tired during the day faster, she’ll get sweaty;Silhouettes of two lovers in the Maldives
  • Accessories for taking pictures. A set of evening dresses and beautiful men’s suits. Ties, shoes and stylish accessories. Yes, really, big hotels have a good choice of clothes for the photo shoot. And during the photo shoot, you can use them to avoid taking another bag of things from home. But each of us has our own characteristics of a figure, this factor must be taken into account. Does the hotel have a costume with clothes (small islands may not have it) and do they have your size? Maybe it makes sense to ask the hotel about it even before the trip and take your things from home, which you would like to be in the pictures;
  • Makeup artist for the photo shoot. Vacationers will be provided with makeup artist services. He will create a certain image for the photo. Given the natural characteristics of the client he will remove a pimple or freckles, will smooth out wrinkles. All this work your makeup artist can do, taking into account the time of day, in which the shooting takes place;
  • Hairdresser for the photo shoot. A professional who knows all types of faces and the hair that fits them. He can do the hairstyle, highlight your strengths and hide flaws. On the island makeup artist and hairdresser can be one person.Mom and daughter on a swing in the Maldives sea

What can you count on when you buy a photo shoot from your hotel? Let us consider the minimum and maximum packages of standard services when making such a purchase. All prices within this range, are formed when adding or excluding one of the services of the package.

For 250 dollars you will receive:

  • A photographer for a specific time. For example, one hour;
  • Shooting will take place at one or two island locations. The angles in the photos he uses for almost all tourists, they will be the most advantageous from his point of view;
  • The number of photos that will be professionally taken and processed for such a photo shoot of 50-60 pieces;
  • You may be promised to process some of photos (5-10) exclusively.

For 2500 dollars you will receive:

  • Photographer for a long time (6 hours);
  • Shooting will take place in several locations on the island;
  • The photographer can take pictures with the angles you ask;
  • The number of photos that will be professionally taken and processed for such a photo shoot is 250-350 pieces;
  • Around 50 photos will be processed exclusively for you;
  • You can use several suits / dresses / accessories from the wardrobe of the photo studio;
  • You can ask for makeup several times;
  • You can ask to do several hairstyles (respectively you will appear in several images in the photos);
  • You’ll receive a video consisting of a series of photos, smoothly changing each other with the music;
  • You will be filmed in a video with a flying drone;
  • You’ll get a mounted video taken from the drone.
  • If necessary, you can be transported between places of shooting by an electric car.

If you decide to bring a photographer from your country of residence to the island, you need to make a cost calculation. A flight to and from Maldives for Russia (Moscow) will cost you 1000 dollars. A speedboat from Male airport to the island and back will cost 200 dollars. Accommodation at the hotel for two days is above 1000 dollars. It is possible not to take food on the system all-inclusive for the photographer. And he will ask for some money for a job. It depends directly on the list of services that you ask him to realize. The total amount will be the same as buying the full package of services photo shoot at the hotel.

At the same time, your photographer has a number of undeniable advantages (as compared to the hotel provided). He will be with you for 2 days and will be able to photograph you as you need. Any angles and wishes. Photo session by the sea, in the sea, by palm trees, sun loungers.Vacationer on a hammock under a palm tree in the Maldives
At any time of the day and without limitation for working hours (this item is better to discuss in advance).

The photographer will speak to you in the same language. If you do not speak advanced English, you may have language difficulties with the hotel photographer. He will not be able to understand what you wanted in the picture. Your photographer will understand you perfectly. If your photographer has equipment for shooting in the water, you can take underwater photos and videos.
Photographers with experience will ask for a fee, but maybe you are lucky enough to find a beginner whose work you like. Such photographers create their own portfolio and it will be possible to arrange a photo shoot for a small sum. It will be very difficult for him to resist the offer to visit this paradise.


Photosession in the Maldives

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