Vacation in the Maldives

Vacation in the Maldives is often called a piece of paradise on our planet. Perfectly flat relief and tropical climate endear to beach leisure, but there is also a development of active recreation. Thanks to this diversity Maldives rest is truly memorable and rich. However, for better navigation of such rich choice of funs it is recommended to make a decision in advance about type of leisure activity and itinerary, which may include several atolls at once. In addition, you have to take into account that your love to this sunny country may to encourage you for moving here permanently and to start your own business in the Maldives.

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Vacation in the Maldives


The sun, sea and beach

The main sight for which the Maldives is famous is the beaches. North Malé atoll which is fundamental archipelago consists of 50 islands, each with its own beaches. Resting is popular in this area because of nearness of an airport. Therefore, on the atoll in the northern part of the Maldives there are a lot of fashion hotels, beaches with pure sand and without rubbish, water is transparent of beautiful turquoise hue (this is especially noticeable in cozy little lagoons). Tropical and well-groomed beaches like Sun Island Beaches, Vabbinfaru Island Beaches, Nika Island Beaches, Naladhu Island Beaches are perfect for comfortable and relaxed rest. Also, you can take sunbathe in the picturesque lagoons on the Baa’s, Ari’s, Dhaalu’s, Kaafu’s atolls. By the way, the last has well-developed infrastructure, namely the restaurants, the massage rooms, the spas, the swimming pools etc. If you combine your holiday with a national or religious holidays in the Maldives, you will be able to see a unique performance or show at the hotel or restaurant where you are staying. Vaadhoo Island, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world is also in the Maldives. Every night it lights up with the wisps thanks to the harmless phosphorescent microorganisms in the seawater. Phytoplankton stains the water and the coastline in bright blue color. This phenomenon is observed on many beaches in the Maldives, but on Waadhu Island it is more noticeable.


Furthermore, there are a lot of others lovely and clean beaches, for example:
• Finolhu-Kanifushi Island with a sandy spit, pure bottom and uninhabited islands;
• Amilla-Fushi with a gentle entrance to the water;
• Reethi-Rah Island with really white sand and cleanest water without corals and marine inhabitants;
• Gili-Lankanfushi Island with palm groves and hotels in Thai-prison’s style.

During the year the Maldives water’s temperature is remained within 27-29 degrees and it is really comfortable even for baby bathing. The sea is quiet and calm, storm waves rise only until December and June. Moreover, in winter the water gets warm better on the Addu’s, Meemu’s and Seenu’s atolls. It should be noted that the air temperature on the same islands in the season is higher than +30, so even if you take sunbath in the morning, you will need funds against sunburn or for tanning.
Women are going to have to buy the most beautiful swimsuits in advance, with which they will be able to impress all holidaymakers. With the right choice, a bikini can not only emphasize the pretty girl’s figure, but also to tell about her inner world to entourage. If you bring sunglasses with you, relaxing on the beach can be more comfortable. The Maldives’ bright Sun lights up surrounding beauty of the nature, but it can be treacherous. In addition to the glasses, bring some sunscreen with you. It is better to buy creams with a high degree of protection of 30-50%. For resting children, we recommend only creams with 50% protection.

tanning cream

Relaxing holiday

If you plan family holidays or travel with your children around the Maldives, take your attention to three tens of islands South Malé atoll. Here you can spend your rest without an active nightlife and excessive fuss, and also enjoy of excursions to the marine reserves. For calm recreation we recommend you to choice a hotel in advance. Apart from, it is worth noting the most south point of the Maldives is Addu atoll. In this area there are not only a lot of places for lonely bathing, but it has gorgeous blossoming green landscapes. Besides, there is opportunity to get a certificate about the official equator’s crossing for ending of ideal travel spectacularly. Affordable beach relaxing without any curious tourists are possible on Fulhadhoo Island, where is a large local village. Travelers can rest on a white sandy spit only a few kilometers away, but the water is crystal clear and there is a tropical riot of exotic plants around. If you associate a quiet holiday at sea with the enjoyment of untouched corners of nature go out to Dhaalu atoll. This is a real discovery for lovers of picturesque lagoons with stunning sunsets, unusual plants and giant fruit palms.

Relaxing holiday

For active rest’s amateurs

Water kinds of sport and extreme pastime are presented with the following offers:

  • Diving. You can appreciate the beauty of underwater world at Lhaviyani atoll. Each of six dozen island is created of coral reefs, so while an immersion there is possibility of enjoying the green, blue, pink and orange colonies of these living organisms, as well as rare bright fish. Interesting reefs for divers can be found in the resorts of Elaidhoo, Vadoo, Bandos, Giraavaru, Baros and Twin rest
  • Windsurfing and standard surfing with a board. Ride high waves on the island of Kanduma from March to September when the weather is ideal for such active recreation. Also a lot of schools of surfing and competitions of this kind of sport are spent at North and South Malé atolls. The closer you get to the equator, the fewer surfers there are, but with a good wind you can ride alone.
  • Snorkeling (masked and finned swimming). Any hotel-island with a home reef, which is regularly cared for by trained people, will be suitable here. Sometimes you can rent a bungalow within walking distance of the reef, but even if the location is remote, it is easy to get to the right snorkeling point by boat. Optionally, Kuredu and Vihamanafushi Islands. In terms of snorkeling South and North Malé, Addu, Faafu, Dhaalu, Ari atolls are the best. And Baa is generally offered to dive in a marine biosphere reserve. Snorkeling in the Maldives is the easiest way to get to know the underwater world of the ocean. It requires a minimum of financial expenses and the skills of a vacationer.snorkeling
  • Parasailing. The flight over the Indian Ocean is memorable even for capricious tourists. There is possibility to organize such extreme for 30-40 dollars at Bandos, Rihiveli, Angaga, Biyadhoo, Maayafushi, Kanifinolhu Islands.
  • Fishing. At the beaches and in the lagoons fishing isn’t allowed, so you can only hope for a catch as part of organized events. Rent a launch or dhoni boat (national wooden boat) and set off to catch a shark, a tuna, a dorado, a grouper or even a marlin. Right away you will be offered the opportunity to cook fish you have caught. Fishing is organized for half-day with equipment’s rental, but you can make an arrangement about night adventure. The most various excursions with fishing are proposed in the resorts of in the resorts of Rihiveli, Full Moon, Bandos and Kanifinolhu.
  • Water attractions. You can go water skiing, catamarans or canoeing at every inhabited island in the Maldives. Besides, each tourist has opportunity of boats and water scooters’ rental for planing independent travels within individual atolls. The most popular among holidaymakers is Ari atoll. Pay attention to the fact that there are places where such funs are prohibited, because it frightens away fish and other ocean animals.water attractions

You can read about all kinds of active rest in the article Sport and active rest.

Maldives’ weather

The Maldives’ climate is 100% tropical. This results in minimum temperature fluctuations during the year and rapid acclimatization of tourists. The average air temperature at all islands is +28-30 degrees Celsius. There is no strong spirit here, as the sea breezes are constantly spreading freshness along the coast. Monsoon subequatorial climate conditions divide the Maldives’ weather into two seasons: dry and wet. In the first two months of calendar winter temperature is kept at least +17 degrees, and during the rest of the year doesn’t rise above +32 degrees. Precipitation in 365 days does not exceed 2.5 thousand millimeters per year.

Rest seasons

The best time for recreation in the Maldives is New Year’s day and Christmas. Not coincidentally that a lot of travelers choice tropic countries for a long winter, running away from Russian frosts and cold weather. From December to April in the Maldives is the ideal period for a beach relax in any part of the atolls. These months have the largest number of sunny days and there are no tropical rains.
So, when to go to the Maldives, if you do not want to face huge crowds of tourists and want to save on the travel budget? The answer is obvious – from mid-spring to late autumn. In April, the Maldives starts its monsoon season. It causes heavy downpours and gusty winds, and when the monsoons change abruptly, tropical storms and thunderstorms occur. Of course, during this period the prices for hotel accommodation and air tickets fall. By the way, the rainy season doesn’t mean you can’t swim. Dry and clear days are possible, and fast rain, which usually starts in the evenings or at night, can be waited in a restaurant or bar. During this time, windsurfing and swimming in seawater pools in the hotels is also in demand. A flight to the Maldives with a large family may be a task that will require prior seasons maldives

Health recovery

The calm sounds of water and relaxing recreation in the sunlight aren’t all the ways of healing the soul and body in the Maldives. Health recovery after hard working season and stress is possible thanks to majority of the sanatoriums and spa centers. However, even without them, a trip to the Maldives can be beneficial:

  • Sea air because of high contents of the iodine and phytoncides can be healthy for allergics and people with respiratory system’s problems. It improves derma’s condition, speeds up to eliminate toxins from the body, cleans and moisturizes the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and respiratory tract tissue.
  • Regular clean water swims strengthen the musculoskeletal system and muscle tissue. Sea water is especially useful for children as it strengthens the nervous system, relieves headaches and makes it easier to move to a tropical climate.
  • For all other categories of travellers (particularly pregnant women and the elderly), swimming in the sea is good for anti-inflammatory effects. Water can speed up the cure of skin ailments and strengthen joint recovery

Also in the Maldives, professional thalassotherapy, hydromassage and aromatherapy are well developed. When visiting a spa of any island hotel you can get the full range of cosmetic and physiotherapeutic procedures with the use of healing mud, healthy algae, pure sea salt, mineral and salt water. All these activities are aimed at cleansing the face and body, stabilizing blood circulation, improving metabolism. For years, the Maldives had been a VIP-holiday destination, with high financial costs. But now we can say otherwise. Maldives is cheaply possible!

What is prohibited in the Maldives?

Please be aware that the Maldives is a Muslim country. So, despite its touristic orientation, there’s a strong conservative view of beach leisure here. Therefore, the most beautiful swimsuits with deep nicks and crannies in unexpected places, when resting on the islands where the locals may live, will have to leave home. And of course at these islands there are no nudist beaches, also getting a topless tan isn’t even encouraged.
Then, you have to obey the following rules:

  • Drinking alcohol on the island’s beach, where locals live is not allowed, only in the tourist restaurants or alcoholic floating bars, where guests are taken by boat. If the island is inhabited by locals or has many family hotels, bikinis may not be allowed. But on islands with hotels without locals, these rules do not apply! They are much more loyal to tourists and are ready to meet their wishes.
  • If the beach is located in a protected area, you should walk on the sand or pebbles only barefoot, so as not to disturb the ecological system of the island area.
  • If you decide to visit the capital city of Male’, it is better to ask the hotel in advance what clothes to wear (especially for women).
  • You can’t take corals out of the sea, you may be fined for that in some hotels!
    Please read in advance the full list of all bans: which is not allowed in the Maldives.

The Maldives is a wonderful place for a quiet and passive holiday on the purest beaches with picturesque panoramas, as well as for active tourist activities related to the study of local flora and fauna. Perhaps, on no other island do travelers have the opportunity to feed rays, admire sharks and turtles, meet a colorful sunset on the oceanfront, and then arrange night swimming in the glowing waves. No matter which atoll you choose and at which time of the season, you will have something to do in the Maldives.

Vacation in the Maldives

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